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To help our customers, as well as ourselves, get to the parts needed/recommended without a long, drawn out phone conversation, we have certain categories that you will fit into, If you've not checked out the page called PARAMETRIC BOX, cruise on over there and read up on that area as well, so you are better prepared to talk Caddy engine parts when you call. You will fill in one of the categories talked about here when asked to fill in the parameter of 'Use' . . . as well as PERFORMANCE, GOALS, & BUDGET.

Before you call, please have ready: head casting no. (at least large/small chamber), crank size (472" or 500"), and if you have an early block (casting no. not '5200), let us know that, as well.

Restoration & Daily Driver

Truck : Towing, Offroad 4X4,  or R/V

Airboat: Ride Boat or High Performance

Performance Cruiser (drag race capable?)

Show Car: Function follows Form?

Street Rod / Classic Truck

Stock Car & Modified Racing

Boats: Vintage, Ski, White Water, Day Cruiser, Performance Lobsterboat ?

Drag Racing (Nitrous, Alcohol, Supercharged or Nitro)

Mudbog or Sand Racing

Truck or Tractor Pulling (including Mini-Modifieds)

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