Cooling system

Water Pumps

Please identify 472/500, 425, or 369 engine, and 1 groove or 2 groove PS pulley

New Replacement Water Pump $89

Remanufactured Water Pump $59

High Volume Water Pump by Flow Kooler $165

Stainless Steel Timing Covers

425 and 500 Stainless Steel Timing Covers Back Side of Stainless Timing Cover

These high quality covers are stamped from a sheet of stainless steel, with integrated lip to support the crank seal and welded oil pan seal lip, to fit and work like the originals, but with superior looks and longer life.

472/500 Timing Cover VT1021 $125

425/368 Timing Cover VT1022 $125

Other Cooling System Components

Billet Water Neck

Chevy Water Pump Adapter Kit Billet Aluminum $95

Thermostat, Standard, 180 degree $10

Thermostat, Heavy Duty, 180 degree $14

Thermostat, High Flow, 180 degree $25

Thermostat, High Flow, 195 degree $25

1 inch Offset Billet Water Neck

Water Neck Billet Aluminum $49 Stock configuration. Includes gaskets and bolts.

Water Neck, 1" Offset Billet Aluminum $135 Includes gaskets and bolts.
For extra AC compressor clearance. Offset 1" toward passenger's side and toward rear.
This water neck was designed for, and is included in, our R4 AC bracket kit.

Radiator Cap 20 PSI $12 Correct pressure for Cadillac applications.
Fits most common radiators in Cadillacs and swap vehicles.

Cooling System Plugs

Cad Company Block Hardware Kit $25
Includes freeze plugs (brass), cam plug, all 7 galley plugs, 4 brass disc type head freeze plugs, 2 smog rail plugs, and block/ head dowel pins.
Freeze Plug Kit (Standard) Steel $15 Brass $20
Rear cam plug, 6 block exp. plugs, 2 oil galley plugs, 2 threaded oil galley plugs
Block Expansion Plugs Steel $0.75 ea Brass $2.50 ea 6 per engine
Block Coolant Sensor Holes, Threaded Plug $9.50 ea 0-2 per engine
Head Coolant Plug, Disc Style Steel $0.90 Brass $1.25 4-6 per engine
Head Coolant Plug, Cup Style Steel $1.25 Brass $1.25 0-2 per engine
90º Press In Water Outlet $50 1 per engine, 425 only
Head Coolant Plug, Cup Style Steel $0.50 Brass $1.75 1 per engine, 425 only, replaces press in water outlet
Head Coolant Plug, Threaded $9.50 0-2 per engine
Head Water Outlet Kit, Threaded 90º $25 0-2 per engine

Note: Stock heads will have 3 plugs per head. 2 per head will be the disc type (the hole will have a step so the plug can only go in so far). The third will be one of the following: Disc type plug like the other 2 (mostly ‘68-’69 engines) The press in cup type (like a standard freeze plug) (some ‘68-’69 engines and 425 heads). The 425 heads will have one plug and one press in 90º heater outlet. Threaded head plugs (pipe thread) - usually one plug and one heater outlet.

Cad Company
The originators of performance parts for the Cad 472"/500"/425" !